Fox News anchor warns 'gangs' could end up stealing your ballot
Fox News anchor Trace Gallagher (Photo: Screen capture)

Fox News anchor Trace Gallagher claimed on Monday that “gangs” might be stealing ballots.

"If I give a ballot how do I know somebody didn’t steal it?" he asked on air. "I read some of these things about gangs that lie in wait at these blue post office boxes and grab them and they are very good at this kind of stuff."

Gallagher was referencing reports that Postmaster Louis General had abruptly ordered USPS officers to stop investigating mail theft.

Ballots don't have any financial value, but in August there was a concern that thieves were stealing checks from mailboxes. The term "porch pirates" developed after an outbreak of thieves stealing delivery boxes from people's porches.

"They're very good at this kind of stuff," said Gallagher.

There currently aren't any examples of "gangs" staging an operation to steal ballots.

See the video below: