Glenn Beck says the end times are upon us -- but 'I'm always wrong with timing'
Radio host Glenn Beck (Photo: Screen capture)

Infamous conservative commentator Glenn Beck implied that the end times are upon us.

During his Monday morning show, Beck explained that the world is at the beginning of the "foretold" times, and "evil is washing over the world."

"I'm always wrong with timing," Beck said at the beginning of his assessment. "But everybody knows this one is coming. But, I, I, I, believe in my lifetime, and, uh, I think within the next 15 years, I think these are the beginnings of the days that have been foretold. I believe that we could see the days of tribulation in the next five years. I obviously don't know. People have been planning or have been looking forward to these days for 3,000 years. But evil is washing over the world right now."

He went on to tell his audience that violence isn't the answer and encouraged people to prepare physically and spiritually instead.

Psychic Jeane Dixon predicted Armageddon in 2020, but she also said the end of the world would be on Feb. 4, 1962. Pastor F. Kenton Beshore, by contrast, says the end times will begin in 2021, "one biblical generation after the founding of Israel in 1948." That would put the rapture at 2021 at the latest. Christian fundamentalist Kent Hovind predicted 2028 as the "most likely" date for the rapture.

Beck didn't have any specifics about where his predictions come from, but he urged listeners to know who their sheriff is. He went on to promote the survivalist camp "Fortitude Ranch," which announced they're opening "their facilities for a collapse disaster." The "ranch" offers a membership for $1,000 annually where people can flee to in the event of society's collapse or rapture. They have 12 locations in the United States, all with "an easy day's drive."

Beck didn't clarify if the ranch was sponsoring his prophecy.

See the video below: