GOP donors who went to COVID-infected Trump's NJ fundraiser are 'freaking out': report
President Donald Trump at Mar-a-Lago New Year's Eve Party (Photo: Screen capture)

Donors who attended President Donald Trump's big fundraiser in Bedminster, New Jersey on Thursday are reacting with alarm to news that the president has contracted the novel coronavirus.

One person with direct knowledge of the event tells CNBC that "the donors have been texting and calling" and are "freaking out" about the situation.

This has left donors begging the campaign to tell them what they should do next, as many of them were in direct contact with the president just hours before he was formally diagnosed with the disease, which so far has killed more than 200,000 Americans.

One of CNBC's sources estimates that "there were approximately 30 to 50 donors who came close to the president Thursday night," although they also noted that "most of the interaction with Trump took place outdoors."

Tickets for the fundraiser cost up to $250,000, and many donors got private meetings with the president during the event.