GOP faces ‘down-ballot disaster’ — on top of losing the White House — as voters turn on Trump: analyst
President Donald Trump (MSNBC)

On Thursday's edition of MSNBC's "The Beat," elections analyst Dave Wasserman outlined how Republicans appear to be heading for a historic rout that will have implications beyond President Donald Trump.

"Dave, I'm curious your thoughts about the Senate fate and the Republican fate and their degree of correlation," said anchor Chris Hayes. "One thing we've seen, you know, over the years is a marked decline in ticket splitting. It becomes harder and harder for a Democratic senate candidate to, say, carry one of the Dakotas or Missouri, right? And it becomes harder and harder for a Republican Senate candidate to win in, say, New Jersey. How much do you think these fates are intertwined with five days left here?"

"Chris, Republicans could be headed for a down-ballot disaster on Tuesday," said Wasserman. "We're talking potentially about double-digit losses in the House and Republicans losing control of the Senate, in all likelihood. My college Jessica Taylor at the Cook Political Report just put out our final Senate analysis — I highly recommend everyone read it at — that forecasts a Republican loss in the senate with the median in the four to five-seat range."

"Look, these fates are pretty linked right now," he added. "We're looking at Alabama being gone for Democrats, but Colorado and Arizona being gone for Republicans. And then, look, North Carolina and Iowa look very precarious for Republicans as well. But the real question mark is Georgia ... I believe both seats are very vulnerable. Democrats do have a chance of winning the [David] Perdue seat outright on Tuesday if Biden wins Georgia by a couple of points, which is possible. But there's a good chance that both of these races will go to a January 5th runoff, in which case [Kelly] Loeffler's seat might actually be more vulnerable."

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