GOP voters know 'this election is between a good man and a bad man' -- and they've backing Trump anyway: Morning Joe
Joe Scarborough (MSNBC)

Even his supporters agree that President Donald Trump is a bad man, according to MSNBC's Joe Scarborough, and believe Joe Biden is basically a good man.

So why are they voting for Trump, anyway, the "Morning Joe" host asked historian Jon Meacham.

"I think most Americans would agree that this election is between a good man and a bad man," Scarborough said. "I feel comfortable saying that Donald Trump is a bad man, Jon Meacham, because like you, I live in a very, very red area."

"You and I, 90 percent of the people that we see every day are voting for Donald Trump, 90 percent of the people that we pass on the road every day are voting for Donald Trump," he added, "and I have been politely and lovingly talking to my friends and my neighbors and my relatives and my loved ones, asking why and they all say Donald Trump is a terrible man, he is a horrible example, not only to this country, a terrible example for our children -- I would not want the man over at my house, and then they start explaining their justification for a vote for this terrible man, as they call him, and it's either that Joe Biden is too old, his administration will be run by a secret cabal of socialists or communists, or I saw something on Facebook that says that."

Scarborough has been trying to puzzle over their justifications for voting to re-elect a president they know is unfit, and he found most of those arguments to be ludicrous.

"They go into extraordinarily disturbing theories," Scarborough said. "Some will be blunt enough to say it's about regulations, 'I think that Joe Biden will increase regulations on this country,' or my favorite, 'Joe Biden is not all mentally there.' Have they seen Donald Trump over the past four years? So you have all of these justifications, and, of course, the painting of Joe Biden as some left-wing creature, when, in fact, Joe Biden's knock -- he was absolutely excoriated inside the Democratic Party for the past year and a half for being too conservative, for being too moderate, for not being progressive."

"So he's been attacked as a guy that -- I mean, hell, Donald Trump's attacking him for him being too tough on crime, for supporting the crime bill, for putting criminals in prison that's Donald Trump's attack, in black communities to Joe Biden, that he's too tough on criminals," Scarborough continued. "Joe Biden, of course, got attacked throughout his political career for being too close to banks, too close to credit card companies, we can go on and on."

"There's a very clear choice between what type of person you want leading this country, and a lot of our friends and a lot of our family members and 90 percent of the people that we see every day," he added, "are voting for a man who is right now trying to get his attorney general to arrest his political opponent with 12 days left."