GOP’s mask-hating ‘macho death cult’ ripped to shreds by MSNBC's Morning Joe: ‘This is insanity’
Joe Scarborough and Mark Meadows (MSNBC)

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough bashed President Donald Trump's Republican allies for ignoring basic public health protocols.

The "Morning Joe" host rolled video of White House chief of staff Mark Meadows insisting on removing his mask before speaking to reporters, despite being exposed to the coronavirus-infected President Donald Trump, and recently infected senators keeping theirs off, as well.

"What is surprising is that people like [Sen.] Mike Lee would be that inconsiderate and that reckless with the lives of people around him," Scarborough said. "That Mark Meadows would be that inconsiderate and reckless with the lives of people around them."

"I can't imagine being part of a macho death cult that Mark Meadows obviously feels he needs to be a part of, that Mike Lee feels he needs to be a part of, where you're that inconsiderate to other people," he added. "If I'm talking to reporters and they ask for my own safety for me to keep on a mask, I keep on a mask."

Scarborough doesn't understand why no one can explain to the president that discouraging mask use undermines his policy goals and endangers public health.

"Who can tell Donald Trump that this is insanity?" he said. "Nobody, but who should be telling these Republicans who are trying to be macho by putting other people's lives in danger. Who can tell them that this is wrong-headed?"