‘Haven’t seen this in any other country’: Video of huge line of Georgia voters waiting to cast ballots goes viral
Voters in Georgia (Screen Grab)

The start of early voting in Georgia came Monday morning, and just like in 2018, when Republican Brian Kemp was Secretary of State and in charge of managing elections, the lines are long again.

Secretary Kemp is now Governor Kemp, having won the election over Stacey Abrams amid what many believe was massive voter suppression, which appears to be back today.

Atlanta Journal Constitution reporter Tyler Estep posted this 70-second video to Twitter, which shows a huge line to get in to a Gwinnett County polling station in Suwanee, Georgia, where the population is under 21,000. He says some voters have been in line for four hours already and have yet to cast a ballot.

The video, which has gone viral, is 70-seconds long. Assuming the car was traveling at 20 miles-per-hour, the line is almost a half-mile long.

The video has already been seen over 300,000 times in well under two hours.

"Talked to several voters who had been there since 7," Estep also tweeted, "and were still waiting as 11 am approached. They were told check-in was being 'glitchy.' Gwinnett [County spokesperson] said there was 'intermittent issue with network access ... that slowed processing down.'"

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