'He lies all the time': 2016 Trump-voting seniors say he's 'shot himself in the foot'
President Donald Trump (Photo: Screen capture)

Polls have consistently shown that Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden is doing vastly better with senior voters than Hillary Clinton did in 2016, and President Donald Trump's handling of the novel coronavirus pandemic is a big reason why.

In interviews with ABC News, senior voters in Florida and North Carolina gave a blistering assessment of Trump's performance on COVID-19, which they said had made them switch their allegiances to Biden this year.

72-year-old Marcelo Montesinos of West Palm Beach, Florida, for instance, told ABC News that he might still support Trump were it not for how he's talked about the coronavirus.

"He knew everything all the way back in February and he didn't take the precautions... he didn't believe in science," he said. "He doesn't believe in doctors. He always tries to blame somebody else, like a little kid."

Cindy Cook, an independent voter in North Carolina, told ABC News that she liked the way Trump had handled the economy, but she couldn't get over how poorly he'd treated Dr. Anthony Fauci.

"I have trouble respecting President Trump," she said. "He takes advantage of people -- Fauci is one of them."

And 74-year-old Raleigh resident Dianne Wilkes told ABC News that the president's bizarre statements about the disease, which have included musings about curing it by injecting disinfectants, made her decide to support Biden.

"What he says about COVID-19 and the ludicrous remarks that are not scientifically-based," she continued. "I think he shot himself in the foot."

And a man named Al, who only wished to be identified by his first name, told ABC that he backed Trump in 2016 but has been turned off by his serial dishonesty about COVID-19.

"I believe Fauci," he said. "I don't believe anything Trump says unless somebody of substantial means can verify it. Because he just lies all the time."