'He’s going to kill himself': Trump aides concerned as he demands to be on the road every day until the election
Donald Trump (Photo: Screen capture/MTP)

President Donald Trump's aides are concerned that he may be risking his life as he launches into a huge travel schedule until Nov. 3.

Axios reported Sunday that Trump understands he's losing and he's prepared to do whatever it takes.

"His team is in the process of scheduling events to make that happen," the site said, citing two sources.

"He's going to kill himself," said one adviser.

"He really f*cked up with seniors when he said not to worry about the virus and not to let it control your life," an adviser said.

Trump's comments came months after Texas Republican Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, and others in the GOP, appeared on Fox News to tell seniors to sacrifice their own lives to help Trump's economy.

"There are so many grandparents who've gone almost a year without being able to see grandchildren," the adviser also said.

The Trump campaign is trying a new strategy after the president failed to sufficiently handle the pandemic for the past nine months. They now say that he's an expert in the pandemic because he's had the coronavirus. It's a claim that was criticized online, as people noted that having brain surgery does not mean you're capable of performing brain surgery.

Trump's rallies have turned into super-spreader events. In Minnesota, a Trump rally led to at least 9 new COVID-19 transmissions so far, said Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) officials. His Tulsa rally in June led to record high COVID-19 numbers just weeks after the event.

Given there are just weeks before Election Day, the last thing Trump should want is to expose his supporters to the virus, because they would be in quarantine during a time he would want them to be voting.

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