'He's not well': CNN's Harwood warns Trump is growing 'more erratic'
President Donald Trump. (AFP Photo/MANDEL NGAN)

Speaking with "New Day" hosts Alisyn Camerota and John Berman, CNN White House correspondent John Harwood claimed Donald Trump is acting even more erratic than usual and suggested that the president's illness is likely worse than the White House is letting on.

"He wants this weekend to go to hold rallies in Florida for one and his doctor it appears has given him the green light to do so, but we don't know what's happening with his health," host Camerota began. "We don't know if he's tested positive or negative. When last we checked he was still on the steroid, but we have no idea because other than giving him the green light, we just haven't gotten a lot of transparency."

"Alisyn, the president has always been somebody who behaved erratically," Harwood replied. "He seems to be behaving more erratically than usual right now in a way that makes him a danger to himself as well as people around him. He has insisted on going to the Oval Office, even though he is very likely still infectious with COVID."

"He is making these rapid reversals by saying, 'oh, I'm going to kill the stimulus talks,' then 'I'm going to revive the stimulus talks,' 'I'm going to pull out of the debate. No, now  I want a debate.' This is odd behavior from the president. As you mentioned, he is on a powerful steroid for treatment of his coronavirus. We have not heard directly from his doctor -- we get these vague statements that he puts out, we've gotten taped statements."

"We expect to see him on camera today on Fox, but we do not know if the president is getting healthier or not and certainly from -- to judge from his behavior, he is not well right now," he added.

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