'I just don’t buy this timeline': White House claims about Trump COVID exposure questioned by national security analyst
President Donald Trump (MSNBC)

On CNN Saturday, former national security official and analyst Samantha Vinograd cast doubt on the official White House timeline of President Donald Trump's COVID-19 infection.

"I know that you had questions about the timeline that we've seen here so far, in terms of the president getting ill and what happened yesterday, as he was on Marine One on his way to Walter Reed," said anchor Christi Paul. "What stands out to you?"

"Christi, I just don't buy this timeline," said Vinograd. "I traveled on Air Force One. It is a larger plane than others, but it is not a huge space. That notion that Hope Hicks would be quarantined on Air Force One, and that the president wouldn't be made aware of that situation, is really suspect to me."

"At the same time, White House physicians, staff, travel on Air Force One, they would ostensibly update the White House chief of staff," added Vinograd. "And I would think the NFC chief of staff felt the delegation was feeling ill and needed testing. At that point, standard operating procedure would be to send a notice to staff on the confines of the White House compound indicating there was a potential threat to their well-being. These alerts are sent out, again, standard operating procedures about specific packages, trespassers, drones."

"The fact that there wasn't some kind of widespread communication about an outbreak within the White House compound is really troubling to me," concluded Vinograd. "It just doesn't seem usual or plausible that the president wasn't immediately made aware that a senior aide on his team was sick when Hope Hicks found out, according to a report that we've seen about Thursday morning, about her condition."

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