‘I keep a bulletproof vest below my desk’: Michigan lawmaker says ‘that’s just how it is in my workplace’
Composite image of Chris Hayes and Dayna Polehanki (screengrab)

Following the arrested of terrorists in Michigan who plotted to kidnap the state's Democratic governor, a state legislator explained keeping a bullet proof vest underneath her desk in the capitol.

MSNBC's Chris Hayes interviewed Democratic state Sen. Dayna Polehanki. On April 30th, Polehanki shared a photo on social media showing armed men taking over the state capitol. Two of the men in the photo were among those arrested.

Polehanki noted there were again armed men at the capitol on Thursday.

"I had to be escorted to my office today by the sergeants at arms because there were guns at the capitol today," she explained.

"Every day when I enter the capitol floor, look into the gallery for armed men. I keep a bulletproof vest under my desk, and that's just how it is in my workplace," she explained. "It's unfortunate."