‘Ideological tunnel vision’: Conservative Christian scolds his fellow evangelicals for ignoring the threat posed by ‘unstable’ Trump
Donald Trump, pictured here at a press briefing, is warning Iran against attacks on US troops in Iraq MANDEL NGAN AFP:File

CNN correspondent Brianna Keilar spoke with writer and editor Matt Kaufman about his op-ed, "Why Christians Should Dump Trump."

"I mean, there are many Evangelicals who voted for President Trump and are expected to vote for him again," Keilar said. "Even as they dismiss behavior in him that they certainly would not talk about doing themselves, right?"

"I think probably what happens to a lot of people is, it is a combination of they overlook some things in Trump either because they are trying to focus on some policy gains that they hope to make, or because they are concerned about what democrats will do," Kaufman said. "They see dangers on the left. I understand where they're coming from, because they are, I share many of those concerns, but I think there's an ideological tunnel vision we have to watch out for. Where we only see dangers on the left, and there are dangers on the right, and there are dangers that tonight fit on the left-right spectrum when you have a president so unstable, callous and cruel. We have to watch out for all of those."

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