‘Idiot’ Trump ‘going out of his way to lose’ in final weeks of campaign: Morning Joe contributor
President Donald J. Trump speaks to a large crowd at the "Keep America Great" rally held at the Wildwoods Convention Center. (Benjamin Clapp / Shutterstock.com)

MSNBC's Claire McCaskill shredded President Donald Trump's closing message to voters.

The president has been calling for the prosecution of Joe Biden and his son, while trying to turn the page on a coronavirus pandemic that's surging again, and the "Morning Joe" contributor wondered what in the world he was doing.

"Two weeks to go in a campaign, the candidate typically sits down with his trusted advisers and says, what do I need to do?" said McCaskill, a former Democratic senator. "I know I have to lift people up, and what's the bloc of voters that I'm struggling [with] and I need to reach out?"

Trump, she said, is doing the opposite.

"Well, with this guy it's women," McCaskill said, "and him having -- first of all, having the super-spreader rallies, that's Exhibit A for a lot of women and how reckless and, frankly, the rank disregard for human safety. Secondly, he attacks trusted doctors and then goes after the candidate's child and then on top of that, [says] lock them up. Women are going, 'What are you talking about, you idiot?' You know, this is crazy. This is America, we don't do this, so he's actually going out of his way to lose even more of the voters that he needs to pull back into his coalition that have abandoned him because of his behavior."