If Lesley Stahl and '60 Minutes' is too tough you can't handle a dictator: Obama hits Trump as weak
President Barack Obama (AFP Photo/Saul Loeb) and President-Elect Donald Trump (Michael Vadon/Flickr)

During a Miami, Florida rally, former President Barack Obama noted that President Donald Trump isn't quite the "tough guy" he wants to pretend he is.

Trump, who recently walked out of a "60 Minutes" interview because he was told the questions would be "tough" drew Obama's ridicule saying if he can't handle Lesley Stahl, how could he handle actual confrontations with dangerous leaders.

"Joe Biden's tough," said Obama. "You know, something that you can't really say about this president, he likes to act tough and talk tough. He thinks scowling and being mean is tough and being rude is tough. but when '60 Minutes' and Lesley Stahl are too tough for you, you ain't all that tough. If you've got to walk out of a "60 minutes" interview, then you're never going to stand up to a dictator."

Trump has had problems standing up to Russian President Vladimir Putin and after North Korea's Kim Jong Un sent Trump love letters, Trump hasn't worked on forcing the country into a denuclearization treaty as he once promised he would.

See Obama in the video below: