'It's sad': Ex-FBI chief thinks Rudy Giuliani is creating conspiracies to show he's 'still relevant'
Donald Trump -- shown here with new attorney Rudy Giuliani -- had previously denied all knowledge of the payment to Stormy Daniels, before admitting last week that his personal lawyer Michael Cohen struck a "deal" with the porn star on his behalf. (AFP / Don EMMERT)

Former FBI assistant director for counterintelligence, Frank Figliuzzi, thinks that disgraced former Mayor Rudy Giuliani is desperately trying to find a way to prove his relevance to Trump and the Republican Party by creating the false Hunter Biden conspiracy to help President Donald Trump get reelected.

Speaking to MSNBC on Sunday, Figliuzzi explained that nothing is adding up in the latest conspiracy Giuliani created around Vice President Joe Biden's only living son Hunter. Nothing involved in the conspiracy seems to add up, said Figliuzzi.

"Rudy Giuliani is not lacking in intellect or worldliness," said Figliuzzi. "He understands this. When we learned recently from the Washington Post reporting that the White House was warned -- that the national security advisor was warned that Trump was briefed, that the attorney general of the United States was also briefed that Rudy Giuliani is tainted. That the information he provides you is likely coming from Russian intelligence service operation, then Rudy understands that. There's another agenda here on Rudy's part. It may be a desperate search for relevance at this point in his life. And it's rather sad what happened to Rudy. The fall from grace from being America's mayor to being America's betrayer if he is a willing co-opt of the intelligence services."

When looking at the so-called "Delaware computer shop caper," Figliuzzi called it a kind of "franchise operations in business."

"Remember back to 2016 and the Trump campaign and the finding that what happened with the Russian intelligence service there was essentially an owned and operated corporate operation," he continued. "The Russian intelligence services hacked into the DNC. They got Hillary's emails. They directed social media propaganda. It was all about them. They got caught red-handed, and it's embarrassing. If what we are seeing in Delaware is partly theirs, it's more likely a franchisee operation where they handed it to Rudy and his cohorts, and quite frankly, it's gotten very sloppy"

MSNBC host Yasmin Vossoughian explained that the so-called "smoking gun" was created in October 2019. Several months before that, in April 2019, the shop owner said the laptop was dropped off with water damage. How, then, could the alleged document be created on the computer if the shop owner already had it in his position? That's what Figliuzzi means by "sloppy" work by Giuliani's sources in Russian intelligence.

It's unclear if the Russians are behind the laptop or if Giuliani created the fake scandal. In the past, the Russian FSB hasn't made so many mistakes, so it's entirely possible that Giuliani tried to create the scandal with other conspirators.

"When I say this has gotten sloppy, it's, again, this theory that the Russians may have had a part in this, perhaps hacking Burisma or Hunter Biden. it's important to say that none of this is conclusive and that investigators are pouring over the metadata on this so-called smoking-gun email," Figliuzzi explained. "What they're seeing is causing them to scratch their heads. It looks like there's evidence that this email in question was created months after the laptop was actually turned over to the computer shop. So, people are looking at this, nothing is conclusive yet, there are more questions than answers."

He went on to say that he's hearing from investigators that nothing is adding up to as they continue to look into the fake scandal and that the shop owner's story seems to be changing with each interview.

"It's not adding up. It's sloppy, but more of it is coming our way," said Figliuzzi. "So Russian intelligence has historically always wanted to play a part in muddying the water in American democracy, in muddying the waters in Americans' trust in their own democracy. It's not like they only started this in the Trump administration or leading up to Donald Trump running for president."

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