'It's the steroids talking': MSNBC's Morning Joe nails Trump's grandiose claims about COVID-19 infection
President Donald Trump and Joe Scarborough (MSNBC)

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough busted President Donald Trump for boasting about his health after leaving the hospital where he was treated for COVID-19.

The president claimed that he took the risk because he was a leader, and then suggested he was immune to the virus that had infected him, and the "Morning Joe" host believes he was suffering the side effects from the dexamethasone he'd been prescribed.

"Hey, Donald, it's the steroids talking right now," Scarborough said. "You're 'roided out right now. You can't stay away from cameras."

"I know that feeling," said co-host Mika Brzezinski. "I yelled at the neighbor once on steroids."

"You say stupid things," Scarborough continued. "You're saying, 'roided out, 'Maybe I'm immune from it.' Hey, Donald, Donald, could you tell all of the 'roids that are raging through your own body that your own doctor said quote, 'He's not out of the woods yet,' would you let those 'roids know that? Would you tell those 'roids that you're not healthier than you have been in 20 years. Maybe the 'roids are whispering in your ear saying you're stronger."

"No, you're actually still a frail, obese, over -- I mean, not just mildly obese, you're in really bad shape physically," he added. "You have underlying conditions, perhaps an underlying heart condition. We don't know exactly what happened when you went to Walter Reed [Medical Center] last year, but if you look at your medical records, calcium deposit in your blood, I think, is up, and you're not -- you're not well."