John Oliver shames Trump supporter calling COVID-19 'fear-mongering' while holding vigil outside president's hospital
John Oliver (Photo: Screen capture)

If there's one thing that Americans have witnessed over the past eight months is President Donald Trump and the GOP have treated the coronavirus with "denialism, hubris and treating it more as a PR crisis than one of public health," said HBO's John Oliver.

During his Sunday episode of "Last Week Tonight," Oliver described Trump's freakout over masks reckless by comparing it to a beekeeper. They wear special suits to help block out the bees. The outfit includes a kind of screen as the mask.

"I can only imagine what Trump would be like standing next to a beekeeper," he continued. "I don't need a beekeeper suit like him. Every time you see him, he's wearing a beekeeper suit. Not me, because I'm smart and strong. This whole bee thing is a hoax anyway."

Oliver went on to bash the White House for clearly having no idea what is or isn't safe, but he noted he probably shouldn't and instead tell them to get well soon because they probably have COVID.

He then turned to a Trump supporter standing outside of Walter Reed after the president was medevaced by helicopter to the hospital. The young man was standing outside with a cadre of other Trump supporters not wearing masks.

"I'm not at risk for COVID, sooooo," the young man told a local news reporter. "With the survival rates we've seen, it's frankly hysteria, what we've seen with COVID, so."

"Are you ever concerned you could possibly be asymptomatic and pass it to someone else?" a reporter asked the young man.

"Yes, I do have those concerns," the young man confessed. "But I don't buy into the fear-mongering."

"What the hell are you talking about!?" Oliver exclaimed. "You're only there because the president of the United States is in the building behind you with a pretty bad case of fear-mongering!"

He noted that as much as people want to shout at that young man, the Trump administration "has been downplaying the virus so much and for so long that for Trump's die-hard supporters, any sort of concern isn't seen as a sensible precaution. It's seen as fear-mongering."

He went on to say that fear isn't a bad thing because it's the emotion that helps people realize they shouldn't pet snarling and rabid dogs, walk across a busy highway without looking both ways or stick their finger in the nose of a COVID-positive patient.

Still, it's clear Trump, and his followers are still employing the same strategy. On Sunday, Trump revealed he now "gets it" about the coronavirus, and then he risked the lives of his Secret Service agents to take a joy ride and wave to his supporters.

See the video below: