LISTEN: Melania Trump goes on profane rant against people criticizing her husband's policies
Melania Trump (Screen Capture)

On Thursday, CNN aired several tapes of Melania Trump surreptitiously recorded by her former friend Stephanie Winston Wolkoff. During the tapes, Melania repeatedly trashed her critics and critics of her husband in a profane tirade.

She took particular offense at the criticism she has faced for indifference to family separation at the border — something she was inextricably tied to in the media after visiting a border facility wearing a jacket that read "I really don't care, do u."

"They say I'm complicit. I'm the same like him, I support him. I don't say enough. I don't do enough," she said in one tape. "Where I am. I put — I'm working like a — my ass off at — Christmas stuff that you know, who gives a f**k about Christmas stuff and decoration? But I need to do it, right? Okay, and then I do it. And I say that I'm working on Christmas planning for the Christmas. And they said, 'Oh, what about the children that they were separated?' Give me a f**king break. Where they were saying anything when Obama did that?"

She then complained that she tried to reunite a child, but "they would not do the story because they, they — they are against us because they're liberal media."

Listen below: