More than a third of Michigan Trump voters don't even like him
Trump supporter (screengrab)

A new poll out of Michigan doesn't just show Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden beating President Donald Trump -- it also shows that a large chunk of Trump's own voters don't like his behavior.

CBS News reports that its most recent battleground poll of Michigan shows that 34 percent of Trump voters in the state say they don't approve of the way he handles himself, versus just nine percent of Biden voters who say the same thing about their candidate.

CBS News interviewed some of these Trump voters and found that many were backing him simply because they approved of his policies on issues such as abortion or the economy -- not because they were actually fond of him.

"I guess sometimes when he speaks things that he says aren't very polite," said Trump voter Jacque Hinds, who is voting for him because of her opposition to abortion. "I'm just not a fan of him as a person."

Trump voter Kim Hensley said she liked how the president had handled the economy -- even while acknowledging he has made racist remarks.

"I don't like the things that Donald Trump has to say about women, about minorities, about different ethnic groups," she said. "But I think he is appropriate to lead an economy and grow. He's a businessman, so I agree with that."