Mother called 'Biden supporter' while shopping for her son's favorite cereal -- 'I hope your kid dies'
Racist Vails Gate man (Photo: Screen capture)

A Colombian-American woman in Orange County was headed into the grocery store when she was accosted by a man screaming obscenities at her and her child.

“You’re a stupid, ignorant (expletive) and you don’t belong in this country because you’re an illegal,” a man shouted. “I hope your (expletive) kid dies. How about that? I hope he dies of leukemia and suffers a long time."

The woman recorded the dispute in the parking lot. She was at the store to purchase her son's favorite cereal. She said the man called her a “Biden supporter.”

“What does he know about me? He knows nothing,” she said. “Just because he assumed I’m an immigrant and because I have an accent, he assumed all that, he went with it.”

Watch the video below.

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