MSNBC's Morning Joe scorches 'sociopath' Trump for ignoring COVID-19 until he got sick
President Donald Trump leaving the White House in a mask while being airlifted to Walter Reed Medical Center (screengrab)

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough ripped President Donald Trump for ignoring the coronavirus pandemic until he personally became a victim.

The president said over the weekend that he had "learned a lot" about the potentially deadly virus since his positive test and subsequent hospitalization, and the "Morning Joe" host asked journalist Bob Woodward to explain why Trump refused to act on what he already knew about the pandemic.

"We have your tapes, those records, those historical records where the president is telling you this is an airborne virus, this is really bad," Scarborough said. "This is going to be problematic, saying that [Dr. Anthony] Fauci is a smart guy and yet, we have the president time and again contradicting Fauci after he said that this was a killer, that this was bad, this was the worst thing."

"One quote keeps going back into my mind, and I know that you're very aware of this, this situation where Donald Trump is on, is talking to the press with Fauci with him, and Fauci says that this is going to come back in the fall" he added. "Donald Trump says no, it will not come back in the fall, this is going to leave by this summer, the heat's going to wipe it away, and it will not come back in the fall, and then Fauci has to come back up and say, yes, Mr. President, it will come back in the fall."

Another outbreak is already underway, and has consumed the White House and Senate Republicans, and Scarborough said the president was to blame.

"With the knowledge that he has and here we are in the fall and, my god, is it coming back with a vengeance," he said. "Even I don't understand how Donald Trump could be telling you in February and have full knowledge that this could kill him, that this could kill his wife, that this could kill Republican senators, that this could anybody that came in contact with him, and still behave the way he behaved time and time again throughout this campaign. This is like beyond -- we'd say he's a sociopath, but this is beyond that."