'New level of dumb': Morning Joe slams Trump over latest COVID-19 claim
Donald Trump (AFP)

Addressing comments made by Donald Trump at a rally in Florida on Monday night, "Morning Joe" host Joe Scarborough stated the president had hit a new low when it came to talking about the coronavirus pandemic that has claimed the lives of over 215,000 Americans.

With the president claiming he is now "immune" from COVID-19, the MSNBC host said Trump had reached a "new level of dumb."

"He talks doctors, he talks epidemiologists and he is saying they try to make it as bad as possible," Scarborough began. "No, Donald, read the front page of any newspaper. Read the Wall Street Journal, they will tell you, in fact, I think it was Wall Street Journal that had the breaking news that the Nevada man was the first to be reinfected three months later."

"I had a doctor -- a personal doctor -- tell me several months ago, you're not immune for life. Donald, that's just -- that's just a new level of dumb," he continued.

"Could be the 'roids talking," co-host Mike Brezinski prompted.

"It could be the 'roids talking," Scarborough agreed. "Going out and kissing all the men in the crowd, I think he said, and then the women. keep me off of those 'roids. But anyway, three months, my doctor told me -- he said it looks like from everything we're looking at he may have immunity for three months, but the president said something else in there."

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