'No way I can vote for another four years of Donald Trump': lifelong Republican turns on president
Jay Copan -- MSNBC screenshot

During an MSNBC segment on voting in North Carolina -- which is now in play for Joe Biden -- one Republican voter stated he is going "against" his party because of the failures of Donald Trump and admitted that he voting for the former vice president.

Speaking with correspondent Leigh Ann Caldwell with a line of voters standing behind him, Jay Copan was brutally blunt in the assessment of the man he voted for in 2016.

"The fact is, that since the beginning of the pandemic, in my opinion, Donald Trump has shown absolutely zero leadership in addressing the single biggest domestic crisis we had in 100 years and followed that in showing zero leadership in addressing the George Floyd murder at the end of May," he exclaimed. "When I wrap all those things together and I think about the legacy for my grandchildren, there's no way I can vote for another four years of Donald Trump. "

"That's why I'm voting against my party, but I'm voting for my country and supporting Joe Biden," he added.

Watch below: