NYT reporter unnerved after finding Trump voters 'full of misinformation' about COVID-19
Two female Trump supporters (Screen cap).

A New York Times reporter this week went to speak with Trump voters in Pennsylvania and was disturbed to learn that they were being badly misinformed about the dangers of the novel coronavirus.

In a tweet storm discussing his latest dispatch out of central Pennsylvania, reporter Trip Gabriel said that he found overall that "many Trump voters were full of misinformation about Covid that echoes the false claims the president has made all year."

Among other things, Gabriel found that Trump supporters "falsely claimed that data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on deaths and cases were wrong, that getting the virus was no worse than getting the flu, and that it was introduced and kept in the spotlight only by Mr. Trump’s Democratic opponents."

One Trump supporter even went so far as to say that the Democratic Party had colluded with the Chinese government to bring the virus into the country and take down the president.

"They couldn’t impeach him," she said. "They couldn’t do anything about the Russia collusion. So then they were colluding with China, they bring in the virus."

A Trump-supporting used car dealer, meanwhile, told Gabriel that he doesn't have any employees who wear face masks.

"I don’t buy into it," the supporter told him. "When you look at the facts, with how many people die of influenza every year. Obesity kills more people than the Wuhan virus does."

Read the whole tweet storm here.