Reporter skeptical of Trump's 'mild' symptoms: He hasn't even called in to Fox News -- that has raised some questions

During a segment on MSNBC this Friday, political analyst Ashley Parker expressed skepticism over the White House's claims that President Trump's coronavirus symptoms are "mild."

"So far, we are taking the White House's word that they've put out that the President has mild symptoms," Parker said. "This is a White House that lies, this is a president that lies and says mistruthful information. So it's important to take into account what they are saying, but we actually have no idea how mild or severe his symptoms are."

"It's worth noting that since he tested positive, other than that tweet, we haven't heard from him, we haven't seen him, he hasn't even called into Fox News or a radio show, and that has raised some questions about how truthful they are even being about the President's condition."

Watch the video below: