'Resignation setting in’ among Republicans as they face a blowout in November: report
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. (AFP/File / NICHOLAS KAMM)

Saddled with a historically unpopular president at the top of the ticket and a Democratic Party that is flush with cash for get-out-the-vote efforts and wall-to-wall advertising, Republicans are expecting nothing less than a blowout at the polls in two weeks that will see them likely lose both the Senate and the White House.

Multiple GOP lawmakers are publically admitting November 3rd will be a "blood bath" with incumbents going down to defeat because they have not been able to persuade Donald Trump to stay on a message in the last few weeks that could help the party.

According to a report from NBC, "A weekend of agonizing from Republicans did not yield any perceivable course correction from Trump as he continued his inflammatory rhetoric on the campaign trail and directed some of his fire right back at anxious GOP senators on Twitter."

Evidence of discontent and panic bubbled to the surface in the past two weeks when Senators Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Ben Sasse (R-NE) both confessing the party could suffer major losses -- with Sasse putting the blame squarely on the Republican president.

With Democratic presidential challenger Joe Biden leading Trump in national polling by 9 percent, GOP leaders fear Republican voters will see this election as a lost cause which could increase the damage.

According to former Mike Pence aide Olivia Troye, the writing is on the wall.

“I hope that they're having a moment of moral clarity. I think they're realizing that the Trump show is almost over,” she said before adding, "They have ridden the Trump wave long enough. But I think it's no longer helpful to do that for them.”

Liam Donovan, a lobbyist and former Republican operative, stated that Republicans have moved on from anger and denial to acceptance, saying Sasse's complaints about all the president's faults struck him as, "less as panic and more as resignation setting in.”

The NBC report goes on to note Republicans who aren't on the ballot this election cycle are now looking past the election and are "jockeying for position in an anticipated post-Trump world, when the party will have to chart a new path."

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