Rick Wilson hilariously explains why Trump got COVID --and hints how he can make his campaign even worse
Rick Wilson (screengrab)

On one of his twice-weekly podcasts, former Republican campaign consultant Rick Wilson went off on a hilarious rant about Donald Trump's COVID-19 health issues and how the president made the situation worse by trying to lay the blame for his infection on a veterans' group -- likely alienating even more voters.

Prompted by his "New Abnormal" co-host Molly Jong-Fast,  who said the president "shouldn't have gotten COVID,"  Wilson dug right in on Trump's travails.

"No, he shouldn't have gotten COVID, but he's a f*cking dipsh*t," Wilson explained. "So he got COVID. He's a dumbass, Donald Trump has no one to blame but himself. Oh wait, hold on, who did Donald Trump go on to blame today? He said maybe the Gold Star families gave him COVID."

"Yeah, that seems like a bad choice," Jong-Fast laughed.

"Let's see, let's see who I should attack now?" Wilson replied, mimicking the president. "I'm sure these guys like [campaign manager Bill] Stepien and these guys are like, 'Oh man, that's a great hit, Mr. President,' while they are actually sinking their heads into their elbows saying,  "Oh dear God, he attacked the veterans' wives. F****ck!'"

"How can he do worse than that," Wilson's co-host asked.

"What he could do next is go to an animal shelter and, for each paragraph of his speech, walk to a cage and snap a kitten's neck," Wilson suggested. "The guy is just so tone-deaf ---"

"But he would never get that close to an animal," Jong-Fast quipped.

"No," Wilson shot back. "That's true too. Well, he would have Miller do it. At every third one, he'd say 'where are you Stephen?' and he'd look back and Miller would be draining  the blood from a cat or something."

There is plenty more where that came from and you can listen to the "New Abnormal" below: