Rudy Giuliani goes mask-less at event while taking Hydroxychloroquine every day to 'fend off' COVID-19
Rudy Giuliani coughing on Fox News (screengrabs)

Just one day after suffering a coughing fit live on Fox News, President Donald J. Trump's personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, attended a fundraiser Tuesday without a mask. The event occurred in New York City and a reported 30 people were in attendance.

Giuliani was also part of Trump's debate prep team before the president checked himself into Walter Reed Medical Center last Friday with a positive COVID-19 test. So far, Giuliani has said he's tested negative for the deadly virus.

The former New York City mayor was being interviewed by TV personality Martha MacCallum during his coughing spell two days ago. He brushed off the coughing fit by saying he was "clearing his throat" when he was interviewed on Bloomberg TV Wednesday. He then admitted to taking Hydroxychloroquine to fend off COVID-19.

“I am not that nervous about it,” Giuliani said, referencing COVID-19. “I know if it does happen, I know what to take. My doctor has provided Hydroxychloroquine, which I’m taking every day.”

Below is the original video of Giuliani "clearing his throat."