Senator Kelly Loeffler flops trying to clean up her attacks on Black Lives Matter
Kelly Loeffler and Donald Trump (Facebook)

As Sen. Kelly Loeffler (R-GA) continues to fall in the polls, she's trying to clean up her attacks on Black Lives Matter.

In a clash with WNBA players, Loeffler claimed the movement was Marxist, which she said was socialist.

"There's an organization different from the saying, an organization called Black Lives Matter founded on Marxist principles. Marxism supports socialism," she said.

As the election draws near and her poll numbers fall, Loeffler is scrambling to fix the statement.

Reporter Patricia Murphy said that Loeffler was asked about her accusation that Black Lives Matter was a Marxist statement and tried to clean up the month-long gaffe.

Black lives do matter, she claimed, "but the Black Lives Matter political movement was founded by trained Marxists."

It's reminiscent of Sen. Joseph McCarthy's efforts to label anyone he disagreed with as "communists." In the case of Loeffler, she merely accused activists demanding to "matter" of being communists.