Some Trump fans may be secretly happy to see him go -- here's why
Supporter of President Donald Trump wearing a "Trump -- Make America Great Again" hat at a rally (Screengrab)

Although supporters of President Donald Trump are often depicted as unwavering in their devotion, journalist Eve Fairbanks believes that there is a sect of Trump supporters who will be secretly happy to see him booted out of office next week.

Writing in the New York Times, Fairbanks describes the mixed feelings some of her MAGA-spouting friends and relatives have about the president's first term in office, despite the fact that they won't admit their doubts publicly.

"I grew up in a conservative social circle, and I talk weekly with friends and family who voted for Mr. Trump," Fairbanks explains. "But I’ve come to believe that some people who publicly support the president don’t fully want him to win."

The reasons they are wary of him winning a second term, Fairbanks continues, is that they are simply tired of having to defend every unhinged tweet or speech he makes.

"These are public Trump fans who, in private, acknowledge that his tweets are humiliating, his crowing about his victories is tasteless, his policy flip-flops are dispiriting and some of his statements are hurtful and damaging," she writes.

However, Fairbanks adds this crucial caveat: "They won’t say they’re tired of him to a pollster," which can make them come off as mindless sycophants.