Texas man unleashes 'racial slur after racial slur' after clerk refuses to exchange boot purchase
Racist rant in shoe store (WFAA)

A customer unleashed a racist rant after a Dallas-area shoe store clerk refused to exchange his boots.

The man asked to exchange the pair he bought and became angry after the clerk declined his request, reported WFAA-TV.

”Racial slur after racial slur,” said Yamani Martin, who recorded the outburst. ”I was flabbergasted. I was just -- I can’t believe this man is actually becoming this irate.”

The unidentified white man, who appeared to be in his 50s or 60s, screamed slurs at the store's Black and Latino clerks while bouncing on his feet in an aggressive manner.

"At one point," Martin said, "I asked the 911 operator, are you hearing this, and she replied, yes."

Police responded to the incident just as the man picked up a boot to throw at a worker, and officers issued a criminal trespass warning against him.