The Supreme Court likely won't save Trump if he loses on November 3rd: op-ed
President Donald Trump and Judge Amy Coney Barrett (screengrab)

Now that Amy Coney Barrett has been confirmed to the Supreme Court, some are wondering if the Court will now save President Trump if he's on track to lose the 2020 election. According to the Washington Post's Greg Sargent, it's highly unlikely.

In order for that to happen, a lot of things would have to line up perfectly, Sargent writes.

Sargent points to the controversial decision in Wisconsin from the Court that ruled ballots that arrive after Election Day, but were mailed before, will not be accepted --  a ruling that some think is a preview of rulings that could tip the election to Trump. "One big fear is this could mean the high court will end up overruling a recent Pennsylvania state supreme court decision allowing for the acceptance of mail ballots that arrive up to three days after Election Day," Sargent writes.

But in order to do this, it would constitute changing election rules when "an election is imminent.”

“I have to think that at least one of the [conservative] justices would have real qualms about upsetting the apple cart this late,” Stephen Vladeck, a law professor at the University of Texas at Austin, told the Post.

Sargent also contends that it's unlikely that there will be enough late-arriving ballots in Pennsylvania to make the difference.

"That’s because enormous numbers are voting by mail earlier than expected — more than 1.7 million people in Pennsylvania alone — meaning far fewer will vote by mail toward the end," he writes. "That, combined with Joe Biden’s more than five-point lead there, makes the window for this to swing the outcome very small."

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