'There's no pandemic': These Trump supporters are standing firm on COVID-19 being a 'hoax'
MARCH 3, 2018, PRO-TRUMP RALLY, AUSTIN TEXAS - Pro-Trump Supporters and Activists Hold Rally Supporting President Trump, State Capitol, Austin Texas

President Donald Trump is hospitalized after testing positive for coronavirus but his base still refuses to accept that the reality of the situation: coronavirus is real.

Many of Trump's supporters are already circulating conspiracy theories to downplay the spread of the virus. Others are attempting to justify how the president may have contracted the virus insisting someone may have "planted it," according to The Guardian.

A 56-year-old truck driver was briefly interviewed while standing outside of an early voting facility in St Joseph, Missouri. Despite Trump, himself, testing positive for COVID-19 amid his highly criticized response to the pandemic, the trucker still cast his vote for the president.

In fact, he still insists the coronavirus is a hoax and the pandemic is non-existent. As he quoted the president's words, the trucker also attempted to compare the coronavirus to the flu.

"It's a hoax. There's no pandemic. As Trump said, how many millions die of flu?"

He also shared details about a theory that suggests Trump may have become infected with the virus when he was tested.

"If he's sick, then they planted it when they tested him. It's what they did to me when I went to hospital for my heart beating too fast. Two weeks later I got a cold," he said. "It's political. I don't trust the US government at all. Who are they to mandate personal safety? I listen to Trump."

Other Trump supporters are continuing to blindly trust the president while parroting his rhetoric and blatant attacks on Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden.

"I will vote for him again," said Karen White, a long-time supporter of Trump who voted for him in 2016. "I still think he's better for the country. If Biden becomes president he will be under the control of the socialists."

The latest remarks come just one day after Trump tested positive for coronavirus. The president's diagnosis sparked a media firestorm as multiple developments occurred in a matter of hours. He went from reportedly having "mild symptoms" to being airlifted to Walter Reed Medical Center.