'They are hiding things': Sanjay Gupta reams White House doctor after he finally admits Trump was put on oxygen
Jake Tapper and Sanjay Gupta appear on CNN (screen grab)

CNN medical correspondent Sanjay Gupta went off on Donald Trump's medical team for "hiding" details about the president's illness.

On Sunday, Dr. Sean Conley -- head of the president's medical team -- seemed to reverse remarks he made a day earlier by admitting that the president had been put on supplemental oxygen after he experience "two episodes of transient drops" in his levels.

"I understand the inclinations of the people in the public to believe doctors," CNN host Jake Tapper explained following Conley's press conference. "There is a long and ugly history in this country of presidents not being honest about their health with the American people and doctors being used as part of that cover up."

"I have to say, they are hiding thing," Gupta agreed. "Clearly he's being told what to say and what not to say and how to present things. He should be saying, 'Look, I want to brief people, I'm a professional but I need to be able to answer all the questions honestly.'"

"Or don't do it at all," the CNN doctor continued. "Because it's very hard to trust or believe or make sense of everything that he's saying because of that."

Gupta noted that the president's medical team have no "obligation" to share details about his health.

"But when they do, the typically need to be more transparent and honest," he explained. "My sense was Dr. Conley was told you cannot divulge that I've been on oxygen. So every time he got asked about it, he would say, 'He's not on oxygen right this minute.'"

"I mean, it's just ridiculous," Gupta added. "And it seems really, really juvenile, frankly, in the wake of such a serious situation to be behaving that way."

Watch the video below from CNN.