Top special operations commander who oversaw Bin Laden raid endorses Biden in scathing op-ed denouncing Trump
Ret. Adm. William McRaven (Source: U.S. Navy).

Retired four-star Adm. William McRaven just delivered the latest blow to President Donald Trump's campaign as he revealed he cast his vote for Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden.

In a piece published by The Wall Street Journal on Monday, McRaven who spearheaded the 2011 raid that led to the death of terrorist leader Osama bin Laden, admitted that he is a conservative but also noted his support of multiple key issues regarding systemic racism and immigration.

"This week I went to the polls in Texas," wrote McRaven "Truth be told, I am a pro-life, pro-Second Amendment, small-government, strong-defense and a national-anthem-standing conservative."

He added, "But, I also believe that black lives matter, that the Dreamers deserve a path to citizenship, that diversity and inclusion are essential to our national success, that education is the great equalizer, that climate change is real and that the First Amendment is the cornerstone of our democracy. Most important, I believe that America must lead in the world with courage, conviction and a sense of honor and humility."

He went on to explain why he opted to vote for Biden in the upcoming election. Spinning the president's slogan, "Make America Great Again," McRaven admitted he believes Biden will "Make America Lead Again," McRaven warned that he believes "the world no longer looks up to America" and "without American leadership the world will indeed be transformed, just not in the way we hope."

"They have been witness to our dismissiveness, our lack of respect and our transactional approach to global issues. They have seen us tear up our treaties, leave our allies on the battlefield and cozy up to despots and dictators," McRaven wrote. "They have seen our incompetence in handling the pandemic and the wildfires. They have seen us struggle with social injustice. They no longer think we can lead, because they have seen an ineptness and a disdain for civility that is beyond anything in their memory."

McRaven also noted the characteristics needed for an American president to move the country forward.

He wrote, "We need a leader of integrity whose decency and sense of respect reflects the values we expect from our president. We need a president for all Americans, not just half of America."