Trump adviser lashes out at masks: 'People around him have their masks on... he still got COVID'
Chris Wallace and Jason Miller (Fox News/screen grab)

Trump campaign adviser Jason Miller asserted over the weekend that masks don't work because President Donald Trump was infected with COVID-19.

Miller made the remarks during an interview with Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday.

"Why does the president continue to hold these rallies where thousands of people are packed together, the vast majority of them without masks?" Wallace asked. "Why doesn't the president follow his administration's own guidelines at his rallies?"

"I encourage everyone who is attending a Trump rally to put the mask on," Miller replied. "But look, as we get close to the election, people don't want to be living in fear in their basements."

"I wish you'd show the clip of the president dancing to Y.M.C.A.," he continued. "I think that's become a pretty big hit out on the campaign trail."

Wallace pressed: "You say you hand out the masks but the president sends a very mixed message about the idea of wearing masks."

"The president has encouraged people to wear masks," Miller claimed. "But the fact of the matter is masks on their own -- while very, very important -- are not the cure-all. So for example, you take someone like President Trump who frequently the people around him have their masks on, they will be tested and somehow he still got COVID."

"And so there's a lot about this virus that we don't know," he added. "And again, if you're attending a Trump rally, I urge you to wear your masks, be safe, wash your hands. We always check folks temperatures before they come in. But you know what, Chris, we're not going to be scared. We're not going to live in fear."

"If you want to defeat COVID, vote for President Trump," Miller opined. "If you want to live in your basement the rest of your life, well, Joe Biden is a good option for you."

Watch the video below from Fox News.