Trump announces yet another possible super spreader event – ‘very big’ campaign rally in Florida
Donald Trump, pictured here at a press briefing, is warning Iran against attacks on US troops in Iraq MANDEL NGAN AFP:File

President Donald Trump has not announced any negative tests after being infected with coronavirus for over a week, but he has now announced two events where he will appear in public, possibly creating two more super spreader events.

"Will be in Sanford, Florida on Monday for a very BIG RALLY!" Trump tweeted late Friday afternoon.

Trump is also hosting another potential super spreader event – a campaign function at the White House on Saturday. Trump has erased the line between his campaign and his presidency, using all the tools of government, paid for by the taxpayers, to help his flailing political career.

Saturday's event is expected to include hundreds of invited guests. Trump is expected to address them from a balcony but it's hard to imagine he will isolate himself.