Trump ‘engaged in incitement to domestic terrorism’ — no wonder he’s losing Michigan: Heilemann
MSNBC's Nicolle Wallace and John Heilemann (Photo: Screen capture)

What will Trump do between now and Election Day, and what is he willing to do if he loses on Election Day, asked MSNBC's John Heilemann when talking to host Nicolle Wallace on Monday.

Wallace noted that on Sunday night, Dr. Anthony Fauci appeared on "60 Minutes," where he explained he couldn't even take a walk with his wife without having security because of the attacks he's getting from the right-wing.

"Genuinely, as we hurdle into the final two weeks where we think that all of the October surprises have to be played out -- we've had them all," Heilemann began. "But given the way 2020 has gone, I'm assuming we'll have at least maybe a Martian invasion between now and election day. I think -- it never hurts to remind people of the context here."

Heilemann recalled the president tweeting "LIBERATE MICHIGAN" and engaging in an ongoing attack on Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer for her early lockdown to prevent the coronavirus spread.

"The president started this fire, right?" Heilemann recounted. "He lit the fire. He sparked the match and threw it on the kindling, and then these wolverine-militia-domestic-terrorist morons came up with a plot not just to kidnap the governor ... they were going to take her off in the woods in Wisconsin and execute her like Al Qaeda-style. That was the plan. So, they may not make that stick as a matter of law. But they were going to put her on trial in the woods. And you know the result of that trial. And Donald Trump lit the fire, and law enforcement was able to douse the fire, and here comes, the president, two weeks from Election Day, trying to restart it, and then pour gasoline on top of it, on top of that."

He noted that it's easy to be hyperbolic when it comes to Trump, but that people must find the proper way to discuss these issues' seriousness and the dangers that Trump poses as a leader.

"He engaged in incitement to domestic terrorism," he went on. "And he's doing it again. It's like, you would think that if the man had any moral sense or political sense if the man -- there is a reason why he's behind in Michigan. The governor is more popular than he is. She's gotten a lot of people angry at her in Michigan, no doubt. But the governor's approval ratings well north of Donald Trump's. And he's losing that state. And that is why."

So if there's no moral sense or political sense, Heilemann said he doesn't know if there's a legal sense or any law that could apply to stop this kind of behavior.

"If there is not, there should be," he said. "But, my God, it sends a chill down the spine to think if Donald Trump is willing to talk this way about Gretchen Whitmer, after his role of what happened to her, what will he do now between election and day and not do after election days if things don't go his way? I find the only way to discuss it is disgusting but also terrifying."

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