Trump has 'no closing argument' -- and he wastes time at rallies ranting about toilets: Politico reporter
President Donald Trump at a campaign rally in Phoenix, photo by Gage Skidmore.

Heading into the last week of the 2020 presidential race, President Donald Trump is still trailing Democratic rival Joe Biden, which is forcing the president to hold campaign rallies at a breakneck pace.

Appearing on CNN Monday, Politico reporter Ryan Lizza argued that Trump's campaign rallies this year aren't delivering the kind of concentrated punch that they delivered late in the 2016 race, when Hillary Clinton was struggling amid the fallout of former FBI director James Comey's infamous letter about newly discovered emails relating to her tenure at the State Department.

"There's no single coherent closing argument," Lizza explained. "It depends on the day, the hour, the minute. Most of these events, as you know from watching them, are pretty stream of consciousness, whatever's on his mind. At one event, recently, he spent 15 minutes just talking about plumbing restrictions on toilets, showers, and sinks."

He also said that his attacks on Biden are often all over the map and aren't clicking the way his attacks on "Crooked Hillary" did four years ago.

"When he talks about Biden, he goes into, obviously, this very exaggerated, incorrect, false account of his relationship with his son and foreign influence and China," he said. "You know, I think one thing I am struck by is the number of false statements at these rallies."

Watch the video below.