Trump is already creating excuses about the next debate -- and it hasn't even happened yet
Composite image of Donald Trump and Savannah Guthrie (screengrabs).

President Donald Trump wimped out of participating in the national Town Hall this week after the Presidential Debate Commission decided to take the event online due to the president's COVID diagnosis. During a rally on Saturday night in Wisconsin, however, Trump was already at work generating conspiracies about the debate slated for next Thursday.

"She's extraordinarily unfair," Trump said of moderator Kirsten Welker. "She deleted her entire account. I can't imagine."

It's unclear what he meant by "deleted her entire account," as she's still on Twitter.

"She's extraordinarily unfair. I've known her for a long time. But that's okay," Trump said. "We did well with a person the other night that was even more unfair. Savannah Guthrie. In fact, nobody's seen Savannah in two days. What happened to Savannah?"

Guthrie is a co-host of NBC's Today Show, which appears on weekdays.

Trump's town hall was of his own creation and not part of the PDC's event, so it's unclear why he's lashing out at her.

See the video below: