Trump is 'blowing opportunity after opportunity' in campaign's last days: White House insiders
AFP photo of Donald Trump.

According to Politico's Playbook, political operatives in Donald Trump's "orbit" believe he is not adjusting his campaign on the fly to take advantage of what good news there is for his administration and is, therefore, "blowing opportunity after opportunity" to turn his numbers around with few days left before Nov. 3rd.

Writing "It's the pandemic, stupid," Politico's Jake Sherman and Anna Palmer write that the president continues to be dogged by the coronavirus health crisis that is resurgent.

"There isn't a ton of good news these days, with roughly 1,000 Americans dying of Covid-19 every day and a larger economic downturn likely in the short and long term," they wrote. "But politicians live in the moment, and here’s the moment President Donald Trump had Thursday: The economic picture was getting rosier, with GDP growing at a rate of 33.1% and new weekly jobless claims dropping to a fresh low since the coronavirus started."

With that in mind, the authors cite Michigan State political scientist Matthew Grossman who wrote, "Was chance that GDP growth story would be big last-minute Trump boost but doesn’t even look likely to register. Several things undermine: 1 Coverage is elsewhere 2 COVID fears 3 Market reaction 4 News outlets not touting as pure good news 5 Conservative media/Trump pre-occupied.”

According to the report, Trump has made reference to the good news, but not enough before returning to his familiar litany of grievances before his rally crowds -- particularly attacks on Hunter Biden.

"Much of this is eerily reminiscent of 2016, when Hillary Clinton's email issues dominated the final days of the campaign. But this time, Trump is trying to inject into the campaign a story that’s only existing in the right-wing mediasphere," Politico reports. "As we have mentioned, the Wall Street Journal and other right-leaning, nonpartisan and left-leaning outlets haven’t found any evidence that Joe Biden got involved in his son’s business activities."

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