Trump is 'going to get absolutely crushed': GOP campaign consultant paints grim portrait of president's future
Donald Trump (Mandel Ngan:AFP)

Appearing on MSNBC on Saturday afternoon with host Alex Witt, noted Republican campaign consultant Stuart Stevens left no doubt about what he thinks is going to happen on election day, saying Donald Trump is going to "get crushed" and former Vice President Joe Biden will become the next president.

According to Stevens, the overwhelming reasons to vote against Trump have piled up to such a point that there is little the president can do to erase them from voters' minds with just over two weeks to go.

Pointing out the circumstances of the 2020 election are completely different than 2016 when Trump surprisingly won, Stevens stated, "The last race [Hillary] Clinton was a functional incumbent; Donald Trump, the outsider. Now, of course, becoming the president, he's the incumbent."

"Look, what we get here is so caught up in the weirdness of Donald Trump and of what sort of a freak show it is, but if you thought of any incumbent president who -- in the last six months more people died from a disease than in the last 100 years, the economy the worst since the Great Depression and you can't leave the country, can't drive to Mexico or Canada," he elaborated. "The only country can you go to in Europe is Serbia -- we wouldn't think that that person was coasting to re-election."

"Donald Trump should be in trouble based on these external factors," he added. "He's made it worse because he has no message and Donald Trump is going to be crushed, absolutely crushed, and he's going to take a lot of Republicans down with him."

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