Trump is leaving Lindsey Graham to fend for himself as his Senate race grows more difficult: report

On Wednesday, The Daily Beast reported that President Donald Trump is unlikely to hold any events to come to the rescue for Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) — even though recent polls have suggested that the race is on a knife's edge, and Graham has repeatedly begged for donations on Fox News.

"Trump himself has not visited South Carolina to support his erstwhile ally, and likely will not before the Nov. 3 election, when Graham faces Democrat Jaime Harrison," reported Sam Brodey and Hunter Woodall. "A former chair of the state’s Democratic Party, Harrison entered the race a long shot but has turned the Senate contest into a toss-up race, after raising a record $100 million sum for his campaign from a national liberal base that detests Graham."

The main reason why Trump has left his ally to twist in the wind is simple: "Trump is facing a tough election, too, and far longer odds to win than Graham—meaning his time is better spent not in reliably red South Carolina but in battleground states such as Iowa, North Carolina, and Michigan that he must win in order to get a second term."

Furthermore, "despite Graham’s closeness with Trump, some say that the senator may not want to deal with a presidential visit and all the political connotations that come with it," said the report. Brodey and Woodall quoted former South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford, who said, "I think if anything, he's probably wanting to be quiet on the Trump front, though he's obviously been a fan, in hopes that he picks up some measure of support from suburban or working women that have been lost or some of the young millennials that have been lost."

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