REVEALED: Trump's racist attitude toward Black workers detailed in former associate's new book
Former Trump Organization VP Barbara Res/CNN screen shot

On CNN's "New Day" Wednesday, former Trump Organization executive Barbara Res opened up and provided new details about a racist incident she described in her new book about President Donald Trump.

"There was a Black man grinding the concrete on the second floor of the building when it was wide open and you could see — you could see it from the street and that's — and he saw it from his office or the building lobby, and that's what upset him, and he called me and another person and he said, I don't want that to happen again. We don't want people thinking that this is being built by Black people," said Res. "Later, I was interviewing architectural students for a plant clerk job, and I had a young man waiting for me in the lobby, I was across the building and after I interviewed him I saw Donald, he grabbed someone, told me he needs to see you. He said don't ever let that happen again, I don't want black kids sitting in my lobby where millionaires are coming in to buy apartments. Don't let that happen."

"That really took me aback, I have to be honest with you," added Res. "I think to this day and I'm not sure, I didn't choose this man because I had a better candidate that I liked that was more interesting in following up on construction, but would I have hired him, you know, I probably would have."

Res went on to say that Trump is not only racist — he also has no respect for working people, including the sort of white non-college-educated workers he has boasted are a cornerstone of his political base.

"There is a story in my book which is very telling," said Res. "After a project structure is completed, the concrete or steel, you have a big party celebrating that and thanking the men for the work, and it's always men. We were planning a party and I went to see Donald with the project manager from the contractor ... Donald was all excited about it, he said this is great, I'm going to have this, I'm going to do this, I'm going to have this politician. Blah, blah, blah. We were talking about the logistics and how there were so many men working on the job it's going to be not easy to put together. He said, what? What men? You are not going to have the workers here. We said, Donald, it's for the workers. Okay. how about just the foremen? I'm going to have champagne here. This is not for workers, not for the construction workers."

"That, to me was, indicative of the fact that here were these, I don't know, a couple hundred, maybe more people that are working very hard for him to build him a building, and he had absolutely no feeling for them," said Res. "He totally disregarded them, he had no respect for them."

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