Trump says he's ready to kiss 'big powerful men' to prove he's immune to COVID-19
Donald Trump during CNN debate (Photo: Screen capture via video)

President Donald Trump's night of rallies got even more bizarre once he headed to Wisconsin, where they're experiencing a huge increase in coronavirus cases.

Trump has falsely claimed that he's now "immune" to COVID-19 because of his previous experience with the virus. He began the rally by telling his audience that the governor must "reopen" the state despite the spikes in coronavirus cases.

Despite huge spikes in hospitalizations, Trump also said they are "rounding the corner" on the virus and that there is clearly a cure because "look at me!" There were huge cheers from the crowd.

After a detailed story about how his doctors surrounded him to touch every part of his body, Trump claimed that he would be willing to prove his immunity. To do so, he volunteered to kiss any woman or "big power men" in the audience.

See the moment below: