Trump scores hours of free air time on Fox News to spin his ‘cure’ of COVID-19
Donald Trump AFP

He's only been home since Monday, but President Donald J. Trump has already spent hours on Fox News claiming it's a "miracle" and that he has been "cured" of COVID-19.

During a "manic" Fox News interview on Thursday, Trump wondered aloud why his foes, such as like Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden and former President Barack Obama, were not in jail. He said he declined the virtual presidential debate against Democratic candidate Joe Biden because "that's not what debating is all about. You sit behind a computer and do a debate. It's ridiculous. And then they cut you off whenever they want." Trump also called COVID-19 "particles of dust," saying "it's tiny stuff" and then there was that other moment on Fox News where he claimed he was a "perfect specimen."

"It sounded like something ... that you would see an authoritarian do on a state-run television network out in some other country," remarked CNN's Senior Media Reporter Oliver Darcy on this week's Reliable Sources.

The world knows that more than 211,000 people did not "get better" from COVID-19 after having it, but Trump disagreed with that fact on live television. "Now, what happens is you get better," he said. "That's what happens, you get better."

Trump also appeared with Fox News' Dr. Marc Siegel, who gave the president a bizarre medical exam.

There was also the chicken tax.

"And I saved the chicken tax on the truck with South Korea," Trump said. "They were going to wipe out the chicken tax."

In total, Trump was able to secure approximately four hours of free air time on Fox News to spin his fake cure of COVID-19, the chicken tax thwarted measure, the fact that he really didn't even need any medication to overcome his positive COVID-19 stint at Walter Reed, and the resurgence of Hillary's emails circa 2016.