Trump shredded for 'quid pro quo' while dangling COVID-19 relief bill 'after I win': 'So, let's table that SCOTUS too'
Donald Trump during CNN debate (Photo: Screen capture via video)

In May, Congress passed another COVID-19 stimulus bill, knowing that the initial round of funding would not fully help Americans as the virus continued to rage throughout the rest of the year and into 2021. Despite their best efforts, the Republican-led Senate has refused to negotiate with Congress.

The White House had been meeting with Congress over the course of the past several months to negotiate terms. The sticking points seemed to be that Republicans didn't want Americans to be able to sue their employer if they didn't take precautions to protect employees from the virus. Democrats also wanted assistance for cities and states that are going broke trying to deal with COVID-19 in communities. Republicans haven't explained why they don't want these things to the public.

Trump tweeted on Tuesday that there would be no stimulus at all until "after I win." It is remarkably similar to the claims he made in 2018 ahead of the election, saying that he would reward Americans with a "very substantial" middle-class tax cut after the vote. It never happened.

Trump was shredded online as people called his bluff and accused him of playing politics with the economic stability of the country. The announcement also sent the stock market into a dive again.

See the tweets below: