Trump supporter regrets not taking COVID seriously: 'I feel like a drunk driver that killed his family'

A supporter of President Donald Trump told CNN's Alisyn Camerota on Tuesday that he regrets following the president's example by blowing off warnings about the novel coronavirus.

While appearing on CNN, Texas resident Tony Green admitted that he used to think the pandemic was a hoax until 14 members of his family came down with the novel coronavirus after attending a gathering at his home.

Green himself wound up getting hospitalized after contracting the virus, and two members of his family died as a result.

"I feel like a drunk driver that killed his family," he said. "I know logically that, you know, we all came here on our own accord. We knew that there was a possible risk. But, you know, it's my home. I'm the one that hosted. And, you know, somebody got sick."

Green ended the interview by issuing a heartfelt mea culpa and urged supporters of the president to take the virus seriously.

"I'm falling on my sword," he said. "It's humiliating, embarrassing and hurtful and it's just reminding me constantly, you know, what our family's been through. So I'm doing that basically for awareness. I want to stop the spread."

Watch the video below.