Trump tells Nevada rally he’s absolutely going to win California in November
President Donald Trump at a campaign rally in Phoenix, photo by Gage Skidmore.

President Donald J. Trump is trailing his political opponent, Democratic candidate Joe Biden, by approximately 30 percentage points in Calif., but that hasn't stopped him from proclaiming he's going to win the state on Nov. 3.

"I don't know why we wouldn't win California. We're playing it a little bit," Trump told the crowd in Carson City, Nev. Sunday night.

Forest fires have plagued the state for years and there appears to be no end in sight... which made Trump's next comment seem a bit "off," maybe?

"Do you ever stop with these forest fires? Can you ever stop? They gotta manage the forest," Trump said. "You know, they talk, it's all sorts of reasons. They gotta manage the forest. Manage it. It's called forest they have a new thing, they're running out of water."